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Tipsy Pastry

About The Company

Tipsy Pastry is the premier liquor infused cupcakery. We specialize in gourmet cupcakes infused with Madagascar & Mexican vanillas, fresh fruits and locally raised dairy products. Our treats are free from preservatives and baked fresh daily to ensure the finest quality in taste and texture. Tipsy Pastry originated with its Top 6 Flavors; we invite you to try them all. We promise your taste buds will thank you!

Cupcakes + Champagne Mixer

Tipsy Pastry has collaborated with local businesses, apartment communities and party planners to host our signature event, “Cupcakes & Champagne."

“Cupcakes & Champagne” is a social mixer that offers indulgers champagne and an assortment of cupcakes.
We offer a number of packages to accommodate your needs. 

We at Tipsy Pastry take pride in our products and hospitality. Our mission is to ensure your satisfaction and gain your support to choose Tipsy Pastry to render services for future events. 

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